Gina Waggott is a digital publisher, writer, editor and cuisine enthusiast. She is the founder and CEO of Ginger Publishing, where she manages a diverse portfolio of content sites across several verticals such as food, music, parenting and travel.

As a former television professional, she has worked on science, nature and factual entertainment series for the BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery, including the award-winning BBC series “Coast” and numerous cooking and food programmes.


Her work has been published in The Times, The Independent, Reader’s Digest, Significance Magazine and over a hundred different websites as a corporate writer for companies such as Microsoft and Amazon UK.

In the early 2000s she conducted several exclusive music interviews for BBC news, including the UK’s last known interview with singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen.

A strong advocate of equality and human rights, she spent over a decade working with several NGOs and charities at a national and European level, frequently representing the United Kingdom at events held by the European Commission and United Nations.

She holds several food-related qualifications and loves finding new cooking and culinary adventures.

Gina enjoys mountaineering, hiking, exploring and messing about in boats with her partner, the author Graham Hoyland.